9 tips to increase your CPM

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You have a blog or a website. It is getting some views and people appreciate what you’re doing. Your blog is not big enough to sell banners and reviews or you just don’t want to waste time on dealing with those. So you decide to become a publisher for some CPM Ad Network.

Publishers see their blog as a decent traffic source with loyal and returning visitors, when suddenly Ad platform tells them their traffic is cheap.

Is there nothing you can do about low CPM? We’ve collected 9 hacks you can use to get decent CPM. Some of them also apply to mobile apps.

  1. Try different Ad networks. There are a bunch of them, they have slightly different rules and different advertisers. So try changing the network you use. The one you’ve chosen may just have cheap advertisers for your topic or location, or they just have some weird CPM defining mechanics.
  2. Don’t install too many networks simultaneously. It’s preferable to use 2-3 at a time. If you place more, you may not have a decent amount of views and clicks, so advertisers won’t pay a good price for that.
  3. Try to place banners above the fold so that all your visitors will see them without scrolling down. This tip is crucial both for mobile apps and websites. Banner is usually loading together with your blog page or app screen. It is not seen by user if it’s placed too low. BUT! Ad network can count it as seen and not clicked lowering your CTR to the bottom, which surely leads to CPM drop.
  4. Try changing traditional display ads to native or pop format. Users are likely to ignore banners, so display CTR is far from best. Which, as you understand leads us to low CPM.
  5. Do not use bot traffic. It’s a common thing to use some autosurfers or bots when trying to rise your new website popularity. But ad networks are really serious about that stuff. You can be blocked or you’ll just have your CPM dropping down because of low CTR or ads efficiency. Bots don’t buy goods, do they?
  6. Reduce accidental clicks. Study says about 50% of mobile ads clicks are accidental. Such clicks don’t give any results to advertiser. They do increase CTR, but they are useless and show 0 time spent on advertisers website. Therefore it’s bad for you.
  7. Size does matter in case of advertising. Try different banner sizes, the bigger the more expensive.
  8. Get some passers-by. You think your loyal and returning visitors show your content quality? Seems like, but they are not so bueno for advertisers. Those gentlemen want to reach a bunch of various people, not only those who come to your website every day. Try engaging SEO to get some flowing through users, who find your article in google, read it and take off.
  9. Ask your users to disable adblocker. Here is where their loyalty will come in place. If they really like what you are doing, they will consider your request.

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