10 Digital Ads trends you should consider in 2017

Some remarkable changes happened to Digital Ads and marketing in 2016 and they surely will influence our decisions in 2017. We’ve made a brief study on those trends, so check them out:

  1. Mobile Ads outscored Desktop for the first time ever
    Mobile now makes up more than 50% of internet advertising revenue, which happened first time in the history of Ads. What does it mean? Well, first of all it must encourage you to also pay more attention to mobile audience.
  2. Desktop Search lost its leading share
    Desktop Search now represents only 24% of 2016 revenues. Only Desktop Video and Mobile have shown revenue growth. Search ads is still an important channel, but not the only one and not even leading now.
  3. 50% more was spent on Social media advertising in 2016, then in 2015
    Social media Ads revenue totaled $16.3 billion for 2016. Do you still think you can’t sell through social media? Well, don’t 🙂
  4. CPM is becoming more popular
    CPM model have shown a slight increase in comparison to CPC. For a long time advertisers were using CPC because they thought they were paying for the result. But one discovered you can get much lower costs if using right pictures. Native digital ads and rich media also approved that a lot.
  5. Digital audio advertising
    A new digital ads category reached $1.1 bn in 2016. It includes streaming music services, online radio stations and in-game audio ads. Basically it’s like radio ads combined with video pre-rolls. Everybody hate it already but it’s not very expensive since it only started to appear.
  6. Dynamic Ads
    A new ads concept which conforms to weather, gender, language or other user parameters Dynamic Ads composes the final banner on the fly from fragments and visuals it has, depending on user data. Probably that’s where display ads is moving towards and that’s what it will look like in a couple of years.
  7. Chat bots
    Special apps that operate in new chat platforms and help your brand interact with customers. Predictions are, that those will only grow smarter and bigger. WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and other chat platforms bots are now working as search engines and as your brand representatives and managers.
  8. Omni-channel marketing
    Companies try selling on any platform without dragging user to their store or website. User’s more likely to buy straight where he is (app, messenger,  social media, website, whatever) without having to leave it. That’s actually a good thing, some companies even don’t have to develop their websites, they just build a loyal group around their brand.
  9. Landings
    Nothing really new, eh? No, landing pages are proving themselves to be a critical part of leadgeneration. They’ve changed a lot, got integrated into platforms (Facebook, Linkedin) and got much easier to create. The more the better. Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with 5 or less. Experts also say you should have a different landing for every campaign.
  10. Native
    Native digital ads and native formats are emerging. Users tend to ignore traditional display ads, but they can’t ignore ad, that is blended with the content. Consumers interact with native ads 20% to 60% more than they do with standard banner ads.

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