Why my ads creatives get rejected

Ads creatives rejected

There are a number of reasons why ad creatives are declined. Let’s see what are the most common ones.

About 60% of all rejections happens because of prohibited content. Every SSP has its own rules, but they often decline drug ads, gun ads and adult. You can also see more info about prohibited content here and here.

Destination URL

A bunch of ads creatives are being rejected because of destination URLs. They may contain mistakes, strange redirects or, which is essential for Google Doubleclick, lead to a landing without SSL-sertificate.

Landing page

The information given in the creative does not match the landing. You can simply make a mistake when you have to run a lot of different campaigns and landing pages. In such case you will receive a message from our Support Team, which will ask you to clear the mistake and put the right landing page. Sometimes advertisers mislead users on purpose, but you’re not one of those, are you?

Bad or invalid creative

Well-known SSPs have certain standards. They won’t let inappropriate content show at publishers website. That not only means prohibited content but also bad looking or provocative creatives and banners. There always are supply side platforms that don’t care, but their traffic sources may also be far from the best.

There are also differences between Native and Display banners. Display SSPs usually has less requirements and can approve creatives that where rejected by Native ones.

Native ads may be disapproved just because of low image quality, poor design or unaesthetic look. Try improving design if it happens.

Example 1 (native):

You have a nice logo with a kitten (not a knitted sock), your brand name and ad headline clearly show the intention of selling cat food (not knitted socks). And now picture puzzled expressions on our Support Team members’ faces when they see that the destination URL leads them to the page advertising knitted socks!

Example 2 (display):

In case of Native you have a lot of elements (logo, brand name, ad headline, etc.). But with Display creatives the situation is much easier. You have just an image. So you have to make sure that if you have a kitten at your image, the landing should be at least somehow connected to this image (no, not socks from cat fur).

We hope that after this brief article your understanding of declination reasons has become clearer.


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