How to make a Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Demand side platform

Digital ad market is growing every year. There are many SSPs and DSPs already, but they keep coming and finding their customers. About 50 major DSPs and 100+ of the smaller ones are doing pretty good.

Is it worth it to start a Demand Side Platform

It’s the first question you ask yourself when thinking about launching your own DSP. There is no certain answer when talking about new SSP, because that market is kind of covered.

How do new DSPs find customers? Like every other small businesses. As company grows big it strays further from their users. It’s a common thing which happens when there are just too many people to match their every need.

That’s why young DSP is attractive. It has an individual approach to every customer, but provides same good traffic from approved SSPs. There are about 50 top SSPs, that have access to 80% of traffic sources, so you can’t really come up with new outstanding SSP.

How do you make a Demand Side Platform

Here are the things you’ll need to develop from scratch to create your own DSP:

  • website
  • bidder
  • ad server
  • data center
  • inventory
  • manual SSP integration
  • UI

Website is an inevitable part of almost any modern business, especially digital. Or at least you’ll need a landing page, that will persuade your visitors to convert into customers. If you have ever started a website, you already know it’s a quite complicated process.

But that’s only a small part of creating your own Demand Side Platform or Ad network. The main part is developing your own backend and frontend, the actual product. Your own bidder, ad server and UI.

There are plenty of bidders for sale, which you can just buy and use, but we’re talking about development from scratch, so that’s quite a pain.

DSP market is very competitive, so you’ll have to put good efforts into UI for it to be at least as good as on other platforms. There are no certain standards or recommendations for DSP usability. It means you’ll have to try some of them to find out what it should look like.

If you’re interested in creating your DSP you’ve probably heard something about OpenRTB. Newcomers often think it makes SSP integration a 1-click procedure. The thing is it doesn’t. You’ll have to manually tune almost every SSP to work smooth. As a DSP you’ll have to negotiate with SSPs on how much traffic they provide in advance. Some SSPs even have minimum volume you have to buy every month. You’ll get penalized if you don’t.

Bidder and ad software is very sensitive to network and server speed, so that’s the final step you will have to make. RTB takes less than a second to proceed, so you can’t allow any delays in your DSP performance.

A bit complicated isn’t it? Actually there is no need to do all this by yourself, since there already is a tool to make your own DSP. If you are going to make your own Demand side platform anyway you may at least try AdMachine out-of-the-box solution before spending too much time and money doing everything with bare hands.

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