How to get new users for my DSP?

If you launch your own DSP, you probably want to gain a lot of users and fast. There is no special button “get clients” but there is a sequence of steps you should take to increase your chances of success.

Make a good landing page

Since you are using AdMachine white label DSP there is nothing you need to develop except your custom landing. And it must be decent. You need your customers to trust you. Ask yourself and a couple of your friends if they trust what they see. Ask them to criticize your work while designing your landing.

Seriously, people are going to trust you their money and their business ads. You must build trust, not only say something like “cheapest traffic in the world”.

Share info about your DSP

Find ad networks catalogues, forums about digital ads and social media groups, such as Adswikia, Affpaying, etc. That’s free ads, that will bring you visitors from the minute you place your urls there. Don’t spam, make a good description of your DSP, it’s advantages and consider a good picture.

It’s OK to place info in many catalogs at the same time, but don’t make posts about your DSP in all Facebook or Linkedin groups simultaneously. Make a list of those pages and use a couple of them day after day, one after another.

Search Quora. Some people are looking for a specific DSPs there and they have special requirements. Recommend your platform if you think that’s what person is looking for.

Seriously. DON’T SPAM. Remember about building trust.

Start blogging

Make some useful articles on DSP related topics. Show your future customers you know what you’re doing. Not only that will bring you some traffic, but also help gaining reputation. If you don’t want to make a WordPress blog, start it on Quora or Medium. Those have their own promotion algorithms that’ll show your articles to the public.

Run ads

That’s quite obvious and it takes some money, but you should also consider running some ads. You’re selling ads after all. You can test Google Adwords, display or social media targeting. Don’t listen to those guys that will tell you “you must use only GA”, test it for a bit and see what works better for you.

Communicate with your users

Let’s say you’ve gained some visitors and you have some sign ups. Why don’t they spend any money and run ads? Ask them. Drop them emails, call them, show them you care and help them start using your DSP. They came here and signed up for some reason. They wanted to use your platform but they don’t. The only way to know and solve that is to ask.

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