Programmatic machine learning

You probably came across some articles about AI, artificial neural network, machine learning, data mining, big data or something like that. But you still can’t say for sure if you know what all that mean for programmatic.

DMPs, Data Management Platforms know more about you than you think. Trackers get almost your every move, every link click on the internet. DMPs and their suppliers connect information about your social media accounts, emails, online orders and store it. But there is more. They also know your phone, so they can track places you visit, roads you go and countries you fly. Of course DMPs encrypt and secure it all, but they have a huge amount of data about you.

There are about 3 800 000 000 people surfing internet. No one can process that kind of data by hand, but the machines can. Not only they can store that amount of data, but they connect it, compare it and even make conclusions about your habits, age, interests, job etc.

There are a lot of DMPs and a lot of sources of that data. But you can’t say there is an ultimate RTB programmatic supercomputer which knows what to do with it by itself. Machine still needs instructions, algorithms. So we upload the data from one side and algorithms from the other side. Where do we upload that? For example to to match the data through the algorithms.

DMPs don’t give you the exact info on every user. You can’t just get their emails and spam them mad. But they give you encrypted segmented data which you can use to create a custom audience and run ads. And again, that’s targeted audience, but it is still not quite optimized for your product. You can use it or you can even create a look-a-like audience, which will be also chosen by the machines. They will find features typical for your customers and find other people who share those features.

BTW, some algorithms even improve themselves when running ads. They compare your leads, collect the features they have and enhance your audience and targeting to show ads only to those who have better conversion rate.

You may think some day those self-learning machines will segment the humanity, conquer the world and turn us all into living batteries. You’re probably right, but for now let’s just make some ads!

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