Facebook banned crypto ads… Good news: we didn’t!

facebook ads

Facebook recently announced ban for all cryptocurrency ads. But what are they actually blocking? Looks more like all crypto ads.

facebook ads

It seems like they are actually blocking any ads, that contains keywords like “crypto”, “ICO”, “bitcoin” etc. And they block those randomly. You can actually copy and change your ad a bit and it’ll have a good chance to be approved.

For example we tried promoting ads about our custom audience crypto segment. First one got through, the other one was blocked due to violating Facebook policy. And we were not advertising any scammy ICOs or anything, just an ability to target top crypto investors.

It also seems that ads with those keywords, even in case of approval, is getting significantly less views for much higher price than usual ads. Well, at least that’s what we see today.

Preventing scam is a good thing, but semi-working keyword blocking is a very bulky solution. Hope Facebook is going to fix that to be a bit more smart of a filter.

Till than, feel free to use our crypto audience, which we’re not going to block any time soon!


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