Audience Segments for Digital Ads

Digital advertising is all about precise targeting. The better you define your audience the less money you spend on ads and the more conversions you get.

Modern Ad Networks including Facebook are trying to give as many targeting options as possible, but they still can’t match everyones needs. There is an audience, which you want to target, but there is no button to target just it. You have to juggle options, try different settings, compare reports, make changes. Repeat that time after time until maybe you find the sweet spot.

Solution for better targeting

But what if there were such a button? What if with the help of machine learning one ad platform could find the targeting segment for just your business?

We’ve found a solution to make the most precise targeting currently available for DSP. We create individual audience segments based on users behavior. That means, we give you an option to reach only real people. They are most likely to use your product or accept your offer.

That works a bit like lookalike audience, but it is focused on your business niche. Regular lookalikes don’t care about the business you run, they just find similar users. But our audience segments do care. They consider similarities, behavior and also the product itself.

Audience segments

We compare user behavioral data, your ideal customer characteristics and our DMP data. We create audience segments for ICO or crypto advertising, real estate advertising, bank loans, gambling, mobile carriers ads etc.

Enough guessing, just reach the audience you always needed.



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