How to promote ICO

There are lots of cryptoinvestors, that would like to buy your tokens, but how to reach them? Let’s see how many different channels you can use and how effective they can be.

Offline ICO promotion

Not so much to do about offline, since it’s a digital product. Probably the only offline method to advertise your ICO is crypto and ICO conferences. You can find a list of those for example here.

Face-to-face communication is still a key for decent investments. That’s not the kind of business to make billboards.

Online ICO ads

Search advertising

It never gets old. People are searching for the product they want, they see your relevant ads, click and buy your tokens. That’s how it should work, but you’ll have to put in a lot of work to set the campaigns right. There are a lot of people interested in cryptocurrencies and ICO, they search info, but they are nothing close to investors.

So you’ll have bad time finding right keywords and excluding wrong.

ICO lists

There are a bunch of ICO lists where you can place your ICO info. For example or They also have some paid promotion service but it’s up to you if it’s worth it.

Facebook ICO ad

Well that was a good source for ICO leads lately. You had to spend some time playing with targeting, but you could create a relevant audience to sell your tokens to. Things changed since Facebook decided to ban any cryptoads. Your ad can pass moderation but even though it will almost never show up and it will cost you a fortune.

Crypto audience segments

Top tier type of ads, involving machine learning. Ad Network creates an individual audience segment, which totally matches your potential investor. It’s much better than just targeting, since it compares users data and their behavioral data.

So you don’t need to guess with the targeting or spend time tuning your campaign. You just get the most relevant audience to advertise your ICO.

Interested in using audience segments? Sign up and get your leads:

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