How to make money on CPA offers

If you are planning to start promoting affiliate offers or you’re already doing it, but want to learn new tips, see our AdMachine campaigns setup checklist. We’ve made it personally for CPA managers to run CPA offers successfully and get ROI.

  1. Choose a CPA offer or a product with a good ROI potential. There are some offers, which just are not going to be successful. So choose wisely.
  2. Explore your target audience and prepare a customer avatar in detail, slicing it to segments of sub-avatars (demographics, psychographics, language, goals, wants, fears, problems etc.).
  3. Brainstorm different approaches per each of your target audience segments. Match each sub-avatar with your product benefits and create a good offer. Create a mindmap or a spreadsheet.
  4. Create multiple copies of advertising messages,  images creatives and landing pages.
  5. Put conversion pixels to your landing pages to track conversions and optimize campaigns later. 
  6. Set up campaigns. Experiment with text copies, creatives, targeting and traffic channels.
  7. Run campaigns for some time, collect data to analyze later in the reports.
  8. Track ROI. Ramp up winners and stop non-performing campaigns.
  9. Add more approaches with new creatives, because even high ROI campaigns don’t last forever.
  10. Rinse and repeat 🙂

There are also our own technologies, that you can use to optimize your campaigns. Source sampling, to test different traffic sources and pick the best for your offer. And optimization rules, to convert CPM traffic into CPC, CPA or CPI.

Let’s sign up and get some CPA offers done!

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