How much money do you lose as a publisher? 10%? 50%? Or maybe 99%?


RTB – a blessing or a curse?

Real time bidding is a convenient invention. Publishers generate content and don’t have to worry about finding advertisers. They just plug in some SSPs and get money, all the boring stuff is done by someone else.

Looks OK, but there are publishers and journalists, who started doing some research recently. Interesting things came up. Such as huge data leaks, DSP commissions around 90%, shady ad networks connection and totally uncontrolled ads that show up on your website or app.

The thing is, when you plug in an SSP, you don’t control data, content and bids anymore. As new layers add, like ad networks, ad exchanges, agencies, demand side platforms you lose it even further.

publisher scheme

Data leaks & 0% control

One single SSP can provide your traffic to anyone. Not even on purpose but since they have thousands of publishers and thousands of advertisers that’s impossible. There is still no 100% fraud protection system. Manual moderation is still more secure.

Nobody can guarantee your data safety except for yourself. And you never know if your data is leaking since you have some 3rd party code installed.

Be honest, nobody cares about your app or website more than yourself. So whom would you trust more? Some vendor, that thinks of you as about one of the thousands, or the guy who knows his project unique and precious (yourself)?

SSP, DSP, Ad Networks and Agency commissions

And now the tough part. Your money. The money you should get to let your project run. The money you’ve earned by awesome content you create.

Each participant of the ad selling chain takes their cut. You have no idea what that cut is and you’ll never know for sure. But that’s how average commissions may look like:

ad network, adx, ssp, dsp commission

In the best key scenario you’re getting 57% of what advertiser paid. But we all know there is a very little chance of the best scenario. It means advertiser works directly with DSP and he happened to find the cheapest DSP in the world, the DSP works with cheapest ad network or ad exchange and those with the most honest and cheap SSP. Probably not the case.

Worst case scenario when you’re getting only 3,6% of the bid is more likely though, since everyone in the chain want to get more money. But probably things are not that bad and you’re getting about 10-15% of the initial bid. You lose about 90% of what you could earn.

Are you satisfied with that? You may stop reading right here if you are.

Seems really unfair. But we thought about it and decided that we can help publishers deal with that. No that bullshit DSP, SSP, Ad Networks and the whole ad chain. Plug in our Ad Machine white label, finally control what shows up on your website and get the money you deserve. Ad Machine is a tool that replaces all the mediators and let your advertisers buy ads directly from you, but on RTB basis, so you don’t lose profit!

Contact us to know how to launch your own Ad Machine.

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