How to monetize website correctly?


There are a couple of ways to monetize your website or app, but what is the correct one? Each way has its own pros and cons, so you should evaluate all of them and decide what you need.

SSP monetization

Probably the easiest way is to find a supply side platform and sell your traffic to it. What you’ll need is to find the best SSP, pass verification and place its code on your website. You don’t have to worry about the demand, that’ll be SSP concern.

So what is the drawback of the easiest way? You’ll lose money. If you’re connected to one SSP, you are very unlikely to get high bids for your traffic. See how much money you’ll lose.

Header bidding

Header bidding allows you to connect a couple of SSPs simultaneously and get only the best bids. So that’s going to increase your revenue. But you’ll still be loosing money, since there will be a lot of mediators in the chain.

You can read more about what header bidding is and how to monetize your website here.

Direct banner sale

Selling banners directly by 1k views. Yeah, manual banner placements for a certain amount of views on CPM basis. That takes a lot of time and efforts, you lose some traffic, but you have no mediators, so your eCPM will be higher.

White label ad machine

Another solution is to use white label ad network to monetize your website. It has advantages of SSP monetization and direct sale both. In fact you launch your own SSP+DSP with no mediators and get the best eCPM you can. You also don’t spend much time manually managing ads, since ad machine does that for you.

In fact it even has another big advantage considering latest trends and GDPR. You have total control over what is shown on your website, what data you have and what advertisers you approve.

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