How to run push-notification advertising

Push-notification advertising is a relatively new format, that allows advertisers to show their ads in web-push browsers notifications or mobile applications notifications.

Pros and cons of push notification advertising

What are the advantages of push-ads:

  • Human traffic (there are no bots, since it’s hard to imitate push-notification behavior and format is relatively new)
  • CPC model with rather low rates (0.04-0.1 CPC). You pay for clicks only, not for actual impressions.
  • High ROI. Since its new native format, people are OK with it for now. That generates ROI up to 114%.
  • High conversion rate. Same thing, since it’s a new ad format.
  • Cheaper conversions than from Facebook and Google. Again because there is a lot of supply for now and there is not so much competition.
  • No adblockers.
  • Content-independent format. Pushes shows up during the day, not while user is browsing something. So you don’t need to target them too much for now.

But there are some disadvantages also:

  • Poor targeting options (push-notification ads tech is not very well developed, so you can now only choose geo and device type, but that’ll be fixed soon)
  • Low media buyers experience. There are no experienced managers to work with this type of traffic right now, so everyone has to experiment.
  • Uneven geo coverage. Some geos have really lots of traffic and some don’t. But that’s what

As we can see there are still much more advantages with this new advertising format. It’s new, it works well and it’s rather cheap.

How to run push notification advertising

Push-advertising is currently the best type of ads to get conversions and the best performing affiliate tool.

To run those campaigns you will need:

  • 192×192 px logo for your campaign
  • 492×328 px creatives
  • title up to 30 symbols and description up to 45

You can launch them straight on our new platform: 

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