How to monetize website with push-notifications

What is it?

Push-notification advertising is a new type of ads, that helps advertisers reach their audience more efficiently and webmasters to earn more without adding any banners. So basically it’s a new way to monetize your website.

73% of publishers are not satisfied with their website monetization. They are constantly looking for new ad networks, SSPs and header bidding solutions to get higher eCPM or eCPC. Usually it leads to more banners, more users blocking ads, more antiblockers like “please don’t block our ads” and frustration on both sides, users and publishers.

There is now a more painless method to pass the adblockers and to sell more ads without adding any banners. Push-notification advertising lets advertisers place there banners and messages inside the regular notifications, that appear during the day. Not when your user is actually reading your website, so it is not associated with you at all.

How does it work?

Pretty simple. You can’t send pushes without users consent so you need to ask first. But usually people want to know the news first so they will be OK with getting some notifications.

As soon as he agreed, user becomes a push subscriber, who can now get your push-notifications and of course push-advertising.

Don’t be scared that the user will be getting thousands of pushes daily. It’s limited by only one advertising message a day. All messages are verified, there is no way for adult or inappropriate content to get through.

How to start monetization?

So how do you launch push-notification advertising on your website? Same way as with any other ad types. You’ve probably tried display or native, pushes work same way. You just install the code of the ad network of your choice and start getting more money.

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