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Push notification advertising network

Push notification advertising is a new term and many users might not know about it. In this post, we are going to cover the origin, advantages and in-depth study.

Push notification advertising network is a new tool for digital advertisement. It allows the marketer of an app or website to place an alert on a mobile device. Push notification gives alerts even if the user’s device is not in use. It provides clean traffic with no mass Adblock utilities or anything of this sort. Now that we’ve got a brief introduction to this topic, let’s dive into its history and origin story.

History of Development

The concept of “push notification” was first introduced by Apple in 2009. Apple introduced this feature and called it APN i.e. Apple Push Notification. This allowed the app developers to transfer information to apple devices. These devices were iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

Google also introduced this feature in 2010 by the name “Google Cloud” for Android devices. Google also introduced a “rich notifications” button three years later. This allowed app developers to include customized features in the push notification. The “rich notification” button got divided into the following four types:

  • List,
  • Progress,
  • Image, and
  • Basic

After Google’s approach to push notification, Apple introduced a new version in 2014. It launched an interactive notification feature in its iOS 8 version. This allowed the users to undertake certain actions at ease like instant replying to messages without opening the app. Users could even delete emails from their lock screens. A year later, Apple introduced push notifications on its Apple Watch.

Why Should You Use Push Notifications Advertising Network?

Push Notification advertising network provides value to the businesses and the end consumers. End users receive useful updates in real time. They also receive news updates, weather reports, flight information and other relevant information.

Businesses, on the other side, can communicate with the end user without any mediator. This results in encouraging the users to use the app. For this, marketers use call-to-action mechanism of messaging. With the help of Push notification, businesses can grow their click-through rates. They can drive traffic to a variety of channels for the marketing of their products.

Coming to the ease of push notification, the usage is simple. Users don’t need to be active for receiving alerts. It means that smartphones will display these alters or messages regardless of inactivity. You don’t even need to have an active social media app to receive push notifications. This is the best feature of push notifications.

The effectiveness of push notification depends from app to app. Every app has a different opt-in rate depending on the information it provides. For instance, apps like Uber are ride-sharing applications. That’s why Uber and other apps have a high opt-in rating. This is because, with these apps, users receive time-sensitive notifications and update. But, media and news apps have a low opt-in rating. This is owing to the fact that they can bring about a lot of irrelevant information. So the opt-in rate happens depending upon the relevance of the alert.

The price of push notification is pretty reasonable for the quality it is rendering. An average CPC ranges from 0,06-0,1 which, in the bigger picture is very affordable. It targets clients regardless of the activity of their delivers or respective apps.  It targets so many clients at once as well.

Types of Push Notification Advertising Networks

Push notifications are of two types for iOS and Android. These are remote and local notifications.

App developers configure the option of local notifications. They do this while they are developing the app. Developers do not configure the remote ones. Marketers, promoters, and IT professionals make use of them to send notifications.

Now digging further, push notification comes in several types. This depends upon the several different uses and needs. Let’s start with a standard type. This allows the promoter/marketer to send a single notification onto the device of the user.

Another type of push notification is a Geolocation-based push notification. This allows promoters/marketers to tap into the information of the user’s location. On the basis of which marketers can send notifications premised on that. For instance, Google sends notifications about the location you are at.

Push notifications are also based on particular business needs. For instance, several shopping apps send push notifications. These are usually about their weekly discount or a lucky draw etc.

This allows the marketers to schedule recurring notifications. They can schedule these notifications for particular occasions or specific needs.

How Do Push Notifications Work?

Push notification works by originating from the server. Push Notification advertising network is dissimilar to pull notifications. In Pull notifications, the client has to retrieve information from the server. For the push notification to work, the user needs to opt-in to receive these notifications. At the time of installation of apps, clients can allow these push notifications. Users also have the option to manage the notifications. So in the future, if they do not wish to see the alerts, they can manage them.

Push notification operates depending upon the device. Apple, for instance, uses APNs (Apple Push Notification Service). APNs are to deliver push notifications on all their iOS devices.

Businesses can send push notifications by using mobile backend. Services like Azure Notification Hubs etc. can enable push notifications. They do this by integrating it on all the mobile phones. Another method is opting for third-party like Pushwoosh, as they can provide a more comprehensive data and marketing analysis. Other third-party apps for this can be Urban Airship.


Push notification advertising service has changed the face of business promotion and marketing. The algorithm of push notifications deliver alerts of a certain app no matter what the user is doing. For business and marketers, the price of CPC is not that huge as well. So you get to grow your business and provide time-sensitive information at the right time. You can enable push notification to grow your business easily. Sign up today at our Push Advertising Network: https://richpush.co/

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