In-page Push Advertising: cover iOS devices with push ads

In-page push notifications advertising

RichPush, Push notification traffic network by Admachine, has announced a new form of push ads: In-page push notifications. This kind of advertising has emerged from the mix of classic push notification ads and pop ads. But why? 

Let’s dive deeper into the background.

The first reason is that on February, 4 Google updated its Chrome browser. It became much more difficult to show push notifications ads to the audience and subscribe new potential customers. Many experts in affiliate marketing who dealt with push traffic started making predictions about ‘death of push’.

The second reason is that traditional push notifications ads do not work on iOS devices making iPhone’s audience quite a forbidden fruit.

So, what can we do not to give up “dying” push notifications but increase conversions at the same time?

Break New Ground

As In-page Push notifications are a combination of push and pop ads, after launching them users will be able to see your ads as often as before Chrome’s updates implementation.

The format still looks similar to traditional push ads: ensures 100% viewability and attracts attention as a relatively fresh ad type.

And the most pleasant part: show your in-page push notification ads to iOS users. It leads to additional perks: Apple’s audience hasn’t got used to this type of advertising yet. Thus, it paves the way to more clicks and conversionsAs a proof, the RichPush team has already delivered the first clients’ results. CTR and conversion rates became 3 and 4 times higher accordingly compared to traditional push ads.

The cherry on top is that there is no time lag between the moment when an in-page push is displayed and the moment when a user clicks on the ads.

Create Ads

Guide to In-Page Push Notifications Set Up

The steps are quite simple.

  1. Go to the RichPush ad network.
  2. Sign Up (or Log In).
  3. Select Push Notifications Traffic
  4. Besides usual campaign settings, pay attention to the Subscribers List ID section. Make sure all the lists marked ‘In-Page’ are selected.
  5. Count conversions! 🥂

In-page push notifications advertising img

Run In-page Push ads

Need any help? Reach out to RichPush ads experts for any questions and/or leave your feedback on forums: STM, Afflift, AffiliateFix.

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