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Our RichPush team hasn’t stopped on push advertising and decided to make a huge step forward with pop ad, too. At the end of 2019, we finally released Richpops, the new pop ad network. Since then, we’ve continued our improvement to satisfy the growing needs of both affiliate marketing professionals and rookies dealing with pop traffic. Thus, the current version of RichPops is a well-equipped ad platform with advanced targeting, automation, and optimization features.

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Do Pop Ads Work?

What advantages do pop ads have in comparison with other ad formats? It’s simple: the lowest CPC, broad targeting of iOS devices and opportunity for retargeting. Speaking about verticals, pops are the most relevant option for dating, gambling, betting, soft & utilities, adult, and others.

One of the main disadvantages is said to be a lot of non-human traffic coming from this kind of advertising. But actually, antifraud systems on the market are becoming more complicated and strong, and it’s getting much easier now to follow and filter bots from real users. Our team has launched an advanced anti-bot filter to meet the high-quality standards of traffic.

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How We Made It Special

The key useful feature that was added to the pop ad platform was Source Sampling. What is it for? You can use it when you want to test traffic from a number of sources. It lets you estimate the quality of sources on a smaller scale first, choose the most well-performing ones and create your Whitelists.

If you have already worked with push traffic on RichPush, you’re familiar with Automated Rules and Micro Bidding. We have drawn on this experience to implement the same features in the RichPops platform. That’s how you can use them to make pop ad campaigns automated and optimized for more accuracy and better performance:

  1. a) set a number of rules for creating your whitelists and blacklists automatically without wasting your time;
  2. b) alter your bids depending on the results of your campaigns.

We all know the quality of traffic is essential. The results you get depend not only on the number of bots filtered but also on the proper targeting. At the moment, RichPops provides 16 targeting options like OS, Regions, Carriers, Sites, and others. The further plan is to offer more options currently unavailable on other pop or push ad networks.

Moreover, RichPops wouldn’t have grown without skilled pop ad experts on board. And they’re always at our clients’ service if they need a hand. Even if you are an expert yourself, you may need a guide on how to deal with new features more effectively, save time and resources, and avoid unexpected mistakes from the very start. 

Our team included bringing even more traffic sources in the coming year in our roadmap. Follow the platform’s updates and share your feedback here: Afflift / STM / Email / Blog

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