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RapidHits has worked closely with from 2012, from the very beginning of our business. During this time AdMachine have provided us exceptional service both for our advertisers and publishers with a support team of professionals who know their way around the media industry. With their level of dedication and drive, their hard work and invaluable insight has greatly contributed to the steady growth of our company.
We have been very happy with platform’s performance and we look forward to working with for the many years ahead! I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an intelligent advertising platform with state-of-art features.

Michael Manelidis

My experience with has been impressive. While looking for Pop traffic I have found those guys and was happy working with them ever since. I receive the traffic I need and if I require more volume, there is never a problem with it. I am pleased with performance of my advertising campaigns and looking forward to long-term relations. It is very easy to work with and guys from customer support team always available, very helpful and give great solutions and suggestions. I have been satisfied with this cooperation ever since we started working together.

Anshul Mahajan

We have been working with for a while now. Would really like to point out that they provide as much traffic as you need. Technical and customer support was always very prompt and efficient. We have been receiving good results with all of our campaigns and increasing our investments and profits by working with them. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a growing and sustainable partnership.

Cohen Papar

Product features

Number of AdvertisersYou can sell to unlimited number of customers. Unlimited
Number of CampaignsYour customers can have unlimited number of advertising campaings. Unlimited
Ad InventoryUnique traffic in volumes. New traffic sources are connected daily. 800,000,000 visit opportunities / day
Traffic filteringQuality is assured industry leading 3rd party verification technology partners. Integral Ad Science
Targeting optionsSettings for professional campaign management that allows clients to reach their goals effectively. Country
Day Part
Page Views
Time on Page
Time on site
Video Starts
Video Time
Custom brandingModern and stylish UI design included. You are free to customize it to make your brand stand out. Logo
Email and messages copies
UI templates
Self-Service BillingYour clients can pay you using the most popular payment methods. Stripe for Credit Cards and PayPal
ReportingAdvanced system to monitor and analyze campaign’s progress. By day
Traffic source
User ManagementTake control over your clients. Included
Additional Training and EducationTake an advantage of our expertize, based on many successful cases for different customer segments, budgets and monetization models. Available on request

Questions and Answers

  • AdMachine is a real-time advertising business platform with ad exchange
    A white label solution to build an Ad Network or Agency
  • Traffic resellers and agencies.
  • Ad Networks.
  • Webmasters and site owners.
  • Affiliates.
  • SEO professionals.
  • Beginners, looking for ways to make money online.
  • People opened for business opportunities.
  • Traffic resellers, agency or ad networks earn by keeping a commission from advertisers' spend and publishers earnings.
  • Webmasters and site owners can earn as publishers by placing javascript codes on their websites.
  • Affiliates can promote AdMachine product and keep a lifetime 10% commissions from referrals' ad spend.
  • SEO professionals can diversify their business and earn as ad networks do.
  • For beginners we have step-by-step instructions for each method of making money with AdMachine.
  • For those, who have ideas how we can co-operate please feel free contact us.
  • Yes, that is correct
    With AdMachine technology you just focus on customer aquisition, marketing and support
  • Currently there is Native, Display and Pop traffic inventory in the system
  • Pop-up / Pop-under
    is high quality traffic for CPA conversions and sales.
  • Minimum CPC rates are:
  • $0.001 for Pop traffic
  • Native/Display traffic min CPM - $1
  • But you can set your own rates and comissions for your clients
  • There is one-time $199 fee that is later used for ad spend
  • There are no fees
    $199 is the amount needed to start
  • We work on a prepaid basis
  • You can customize logo, fav icon, URL and payment processors
    We will add an option to modify CSS later
  • We have the wire transfer, credit card and Paypal payment options
  • You have a choice to use either our payment processor or integrate your custom one
  • Just the domain
    Everything is hosted in a cloud
  • Not a problem
    You will always be able to access your website here:
  • Yes, if you plan to use YOURDOMAIN.COM to let your advertisers access their accounts
  • Yes.
    If you are not 100% satisfied with your earnings or in any other case you can discontinue your AdMachine account with a 100% money back of your remaining admin balance
  • Basically you just need to accept terms, upload your scanned ID and use the same details for the payment

About us

AdMachine is a real-time advertising business platform with ad exchange. A white label solution to build an Ad Network or Agency.
Ad exchange is a marketplace, where all advertisers can buy traffic from sources, coming from all publishers across all AdMachine based networks.

With Agency platform version you can signup advertisers to your system and profit from their ad spend. With Network version you can signup both advertisers and publishers. Your profit comes from selling traffic to advertisers and keeping a commission from publishers earnings.

Fast start.

AdMachine technology is a business-in-a-box solution for an advertising business owner.
You can set up an Agency or a Network in 30 minutes or faster. In addition to this you get a full customization and branding on your own domain.

Real-time Ad exchange.

This means you get access to unique marketplace with direct advertisers and publishers.

Safe results.

Programmatic buying technology, which allows you to get most accurate results.
Advertisers can take an advantage of algorithmic optimization by defining conversion goals.
Safety is ensured by hi-end ad verification partners: Integral Ad Science, Forensiq and MOAT. Also you can use our own proprietary filtering tool Norma.

Reach Network AdMachine

We are a team, that created REACH Network and this AdMachine Product — both a multi-million dollar businesses!

We helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses to start to exist.

Our mission is to bring business opportunities to all the people who are looking for them, keeping it simple, fun and bloat free.