Save Time

  • Cross-Network Advertising
  • Traffic Sampling & Auto-Optimization
  • Intuitive UI & Fast Onboarding
  • Quick Ads Moderation

Save Money

  • Traffic Quality Filtering
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Performance Tracking & Attribution

Performance Advertising at Scale

Performance Advertising at Scale

Reach 750+ Millions of Mobile Web, In-App and Desktop Users Worldwide. Run Display, Video, Native & Pop Ads. Convert your campaign optimization expertise into automation scenarios.

  • Instant access to 50+ Ad Networks and SSPs
  • Advanced targeting:
    OS, Devices, Countries, Regions, Cities, Carriers, Publishers, Sites, Apps, Placements, IP ranges, Useragents, Dayparts, Audience and Contextual Segments, Retargeting
  • Fast ads approval
  • Built-in fraud prevention and safety filters
  • Conversion and ROI tracking
  • Rule-based Optimization Engine
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Publisher-Safe Monetization

Monetize your website or mobile application with our SSP. Sell your traffic by yourself or let others do it for you.

  • Major Ad Verification Vendors
  • Variety of inventory connection options
  • Header bidding
  • Top Demand Partners and high eCPMs
  • Display, Video, Native and Pop format
  • Easy launch
  • Twice a month payouts

White Label Solution for Ad Networks

White Label Solution for Ad Networks

Start your own advertising business with our White Label DSP and SSP solutions.

  • 24/7 Monitored Reliable Infrastructure
  • High volume of supply on the AdMachine Exchange
  • Fast SSPs and DSPs integrations
  • Powerful self-serve platform for Advertisers and Publishers
  • Premium Support
  • Customizable UI: Logo, CSS, Email and Messages Copies
  • Custom Domains
  • Ad Network Migration Help
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Why AdMachine Brings High Conversions?




Performing Sources Discovery Algorithm.

  • You spend less & get results faster
  • You can see and control every step

Performance Optimization Rules.

  • You define goals and decide what they do
  • They block non-performing sources
  • They work just as planned

Custom Audience Segments.

  • Based on people behaviour
  • Only those who are likely to convert
  • You define your audience
  • High reach
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Regular RTB Platform

Regular RTB Platform

Manual sources control.

  • Random traffic
  • No transparency

Non-transparent algorithms

  • They do something
  • They cut reach
  • Unpredictable results

Traffic packages

  • Based on site category
  • Unpredictable conversions
  • Same package for every client
  • Lower reach because of site targeting